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03/01/15 / Divider
Sayville, NY @ Soul Sounds
03/01/15 / Mercy Ties
San Francsico, CA @ Hemlock Tavern
03/02/15 / Trenchfoot
Poughkeepsie, NY @ My Place Pizza
03/02/15 / Mercy Ties
Portland, OR @ Scowling House
03/12/15 / Mercy Ties
Amityville, NY @ Amityville Music Hall
03/22/15 / Where My Bones Rest Easy
Seattle, WA @ El Corazon Lounge
03/23/15 / Reservoir
Lancaster, PA @ Fulton St Co-Op
03/25/15 / Sneeze
Cambridge, MA @ Middle East
04/25/15 / Joseph Chiccarelli
Seattle @ Black Lodge
04/25/15 / Mercy Ties
Seattle @ Black Lodge
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Seattle, WA’ own Mercy Ties heads to Oakland, CA to record and mix their upcoming debut full length at Sharkbite Studios and Antisleep Audio with Scott Evans of Kowloon Walled City. He has recorded bands such as Batillus, Hush, Bog Oak,Ladder Devils, Tigon. He has also worked along side bigger bands like Neurosis,Old Man Gloom, and A Minor Forest. They will be playing some dates to help them make it down there and to return home. This release is expected to be release late Summer of ’15 via Glory Kid Limited in the US.

Upcoming Events:
2/19 Seattle, WA @Narwhal w/Grenades, Leatherdaddy
2/20 Eugene, OR @The Boreal w/Southtowne Lanes
2/22 – 3/1/15 (recording with Scott Evans)
3/01 San Francisco, CA @Hemlock Tavern w/ Kowloon Walled City, Vulgar Trade
3/02 Portland, OR @Scowling House w/Sky Above and Earth Below, Hang the Old Year


So we teamed up with our friends at Hide&Seek Clothing to give away some free stuff! they are a unique clothing brand based out of Missoula, MT. Three winners will be chosen next Monday. Records from Sneeze, Where My Bones Rest Easy and Reservoir will be given away along with awesome clothing!

Enter at the link below.


Joseph Chiccarelli’s debut chapbook Art is Masturbation is now available for preorder. This first edition is limited 100 copies, 21 new and unreleased poems printed on heavy 80lb “Butcher’s White” paper. Encased in a 100lb “Brick Red” construction stock with silk-screened artwork done by Andrew Gomez IV. This edition also comes with a small silk-screened poster folded in the centerfold with additional artwork and words. Preorders are set to ship late March / early April.

Here is a piece from Art is Masturbation:

“I’m listening to Third Eye Blind and yelling GO FUCK YOURSELF at happy couples”

the city congestion is giving off some kind of heat
rubbing shoulders with strangers and not minding it
reaching out to someone I don’t know
and hoping for the best
I’m laughing at jokes I over hear
and waving at people who are hailing cabs
everyone is my best friend, they just don’t know it yet
I show up an hour early for work every day
so I can talk to customers
about their families
and addresses
nothing hurts
because pain doesn’t exist this early in the morning
everyone is connected
all I’m doing is just tracing the dots


Joseph Chiccarelli is a writer residing in the metropolitan area of Oregon. Since age 15 he has been experimenting with poetry, prose, and short stories in order to cope with the pains of being young, and living with multiple mental illnesses.

His poetry is a mix of past, present and future, using an observational style and often dark humour to get his point across, that life is often times shit, and sometimes nothing fits right.

With stories that are quick to point the finger at himself as well as the lack of common ground and love in modern life, his poetry hopes to fill in the void that lies between stability and emptiness.

He recalls past lives and ponders on the new ones that haven’t yet come to fruition, self inflicted wounds that never really heal, and the wounds we leave on others that we wish we could stitch up ourselves.

Every day is a new beginning, and a step closer to the end, and he hopes to find peace of mind on the way.

Here is a piece from Art is Masturbation:

“I’m listening to Third Eye Blind and yelling GO FUCK YOURSELF at happy couples”

the city congestion is giving off some kind of heat
rubbing shoulders with strangers and not minding it
reaching out to someone I don’t know
and hoping for the best
I’m laughing at jokes I over hear
and waving at people who are hailing cabs
everyone is my best friend, they just don’t know it yet
I show up an hour early for work every day
so I can talk to customers
about their families
and addresses
nothing hurts
because pain doesn’t exist this early in the morning
everyone is connected
all I’m doing is just tracing the dots

Glory Kid Limited is extremely excited to release his first physical publication (as well as the first for us!) entitled Art is Masturbation. This chapbook will include 21 new pieces along with cover artwork by our one and only Andrew Gomez IV. Chapbook is expected to be out in March of 2015.


We are extremely happy to welcome Outlet to the operation.

Originally conjured, built and tempered in the cold pummeling waters of Idaho Falls. Outlet is a quintet that performs a unique blend of brute, metallic hardcore bathed in disparity that’s matched by none. After a well received EP in 2009 entitled Broken is the Man; Vital Are the Missing Parts, they have been lying low, conspiring. Slowly cultivating their most ambitious and incendiary effort yet, Memento Mori.

The title is a latin expression translating to “remember (that you have) to die”. The album is a testament to the complexities of the human physi and how we as a species strive to great lengths to build tribute in our futile existence, hoping it will transcend through time. But in the end, like all living organisms. It all comes to a head, death.

Six tracks of slow, relentless marching riffs that consistently build and build upon each other, coupled with metric ton scaled breaks that split ground upon impact, crushing any relief in sight. All spanning over a half hour. Set to be released in Spring 2015 via Glory Kid Limited digitally and in physical format.


Outlet via facebook:
Outlet via twitter:
Outlet via GKL:


We are back from our northeast adventures alas! Big thanks to our dear boys in Reservoir for helping us with booking the tour, backline and all around transportation for the whole package. Without them this whole thing what have not gone as smoothly as it did. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows, purchased merchandise, gave us a place to rest our heads, booked and promoted the shows. We are in debt to you.

All pending orders that were placed while we were gone have started to go out since 1/14. Please be patient as we are still working through all the orders.

Also big thanks to the very few who picked up the extremely limited WMBRE 12″s we had with us on that tour. There was no download card with the record cause those were test press versions of the record and it will not be officially released until May this year.

More news on the way from our camp. Get ready, this year is going to be a real barnburner.


Just a heads up I am currently on tour with roster bands Reservoir and Where My Bones Rest Easy in northeast region of the US. All orders placed after 1/1/15 will not be shipped until I get back which is 1/14/15.

Yes our sale is still going on. 15% off your orders in our online supermart ( and our online digital shop ( when you enter the code “frakyeah2015″ at check out. Thanks for your support.


So we made it another year. And 2015 is shaping up to be a real gas thus far. Lots of new releases, some represses, and our first literary publication too (which we will have to withhold details for we are still in the negotiation process with said and soon to be exploited author, you know. sign here, sign here, bend over here.). So while our managing staff and mailorder fulfillment department is out in the field with two of our current acts, Reservoir and Where My Bones Rest Easy on their upcoming northeast tour, we decided to run a sale while we are far far away enjoying what winter elements the east coast has to offer two midlevel rock outfits on the road.

Use the code “frakyeah2015″ in either our online supermart ( or in our bandcamp store ( at check out and get 15% off your order. This is our way of saying, “thanks for being there, now spend more.” So yeah, any order made after 12/30 won’t be shipped out until 1/13. That’s when we will be back. See ya then!


KIVEN MCEULAY (Colony, Divider)

Hardcore Album Of The Year:
Praise- Lights Went Out, I heard the jam blocks in the title track on my third listen through and it changed everything.

Best Record I Heard In A Car A Couple Times But It Won’t Actually Come Out Til Next Year: TrenchfootAt the Mercy of Circumstance (sp?)

The Best Swans Record:
SwansTo Be Kind, this record makes me feel incredibly uneasy, he sounds like a martian from Mars Attacks on “Just A Little Boy(For Chester Burnett)”

Best Two Bands Who Do Stuff Together:
The Body/Thou, Thou- Heathen might be my #1 pick this year, I really enjoyed The Body- I Shall Die Here and their collaboration album was another one of my favorites. I caught their collab set this year and that’s another “Best of 2014″ for me.

Best Band With Not The Best Artwork:
Living LaserFind A Way/Place On Earth, goddammit, I love this band, I’ve seen them dozens of times this year and it never gets old. Jay is the best front man in hardcore today. They blow every band half their age out of the water energy wise. I just wonder how many kids pass them up when they see the cover of their records and it’s nothing more than oddly placed font?

Best Band With The Best Artwork:
SeizuresThe Sanity Universal, I got this record and thought, “wow, this is a really nice looking record” then I listened to it and thought “wow, this is a really good record.”

Two Other Really Tight Bands:
Axis and Hollow Earth, I don’t really have anything specific to say but I saw them both this year and they are worth mentioning.

Best New Band That Didn’t Really Put Anything Out This Year:
Vein, to me they sound like if Orchid played lots of video games and watched a lot of anime instead of reading a bunch of philosophy books, 2015 is the year of Vein.



Getting a PS4
This is hands down the best thing maybe in my entire life.

Hobbit Movie
I dunno hasn’t come out yet but i mean come on…

August Acid Camping Trip
This is an annual thing we do. bunch of people fly home. We go deep into the NH woods. Last year we almost died…

Sex in the Mini Van (first time)
This was right on mass ave like it was pretty busy outside.

FornDeparture of Consciousness
The vinyl version mostly. This record slays.

Just the reunion show I mean the re releases are dumb and just there for a money maker so the band can loose most of it in St. Louis…

Crashing the Mini Van
This was fun. I wasn’t wearing a seat belt, wah fucking wah.

Death to Tyrantss/t EP
Been almost 7 years since this band has done anything. Picks up exactly where they left off. Amazing.

New Cali x PremierNights in the Dark
I mean check it out yourself

I’m not telling.


JOSEPH CHICCARELLI (Writer, Poet, GK Social Media Dept)

Hollow EarthSilent Graves
This album fucking rips. Has a real good 90’s feel and just makes me want to punch everyone and myself at the same time. Also good dudes, backed hard.

AMC/Netflix – The Killing
This is a such a good show, though it started in 2011 and was subsequently cancelled, Netflix picked it up for two more seasons, the last of which premiered this year. It’s like True Detective, Twin Peaks and CSI wrapped into one. 10/10 you should watch this series.

Run With The HuntedThe Sieve and The Sand
RWTH is such an important band to me(and my inner 16 year old). The released their final 7in this year, and it is vast and diverse and pissed, sad, introspective, hopeful and hopeless all at once. FFO 90’s metalcore, early 2000’s post hardcore, and pretty boys.

Sneeze is this super good band from Massachusetts and “Wilt” is their debut LP. It’s part of this huge 90’s revival going on right now(that i am not arguing with). Super dirty guitars with a sort of wailing/sassy vocalist. A great mix of grunge and punk and garage rock.

Full of Hell/MerzbowCollaboration

• HBO – True Detective
if you didnt pick up on the buzz that season 1 had, I sort of feel bad for you. Yes, Rust Chole’s rants sometimes left you wondering “What the fuck is he talking about?” and Marty Hart left you wondering “WHAT THE FUCK MARTY?” but god damn, this should could not be recommended higher. Time Is A Flat Circle.

Dark Horse ComicsAVP, Predator, Alien, Prometheus
These all go into one slot because all these comics are intertwined. I haven’t finished this mini series because i spend my money on food and cigarettes and not comic books, but I have a grip of each series and they are all great. It takes place after and before the events in the Prometheus film. Super violent.

AMCThe Walking Dead season 4/5
the last half of season 4 was better, the first three episodes of season 5 were the best. Season 5 ends and leaves you asking “why?” but. RICK BITES A GUYS THROAT OUT, THE GROUP HACKS UP PEOPLE, AND CARL SLOWlY STOPS BEING AN ASSHOLE” So, worth the watch. Don’t give me the “ugh the comics are better” shit. The books/comics/play whatever will always be better, just accept that they are separate and stop getting pissy about things that don’t matter. These are all made up people.

• Arrow – TV Series
most of season two aired in 2014, and as i type this season 3 is on the air. This show is hoky. But it makes me want to be rich and a superhero.

DividerAll Barren
fast. sorta techy. mosh. tears the earth in half.


TOMMY BURKLAND (Colony, Trenchfoot)
Young WidowsEasy Pain
This band can do no wrong. I saw this album performed in its entirety at Saint Vitus a few months before it was released and even though I wasn’t familiar with any of the material I was completely blown away. Young Widows easily my favorite current-band and I could listen through their whole discography on any given day.

Young Widows @ Saint Vitus 1/26/12

I just got into Thou this past year and this record has been in pretty heavy rotation. I also enjoyed their cover of Nirvana’s “Milk It” from the In Utero tribute album.

Full Of Hell / MerzbowCollaboration
This band has the ability produce some of the most evil sounds I’ve ever heard and they make it look effortless. Most bands are lucky if they write one solid record and this is just one of many for Full of Hell.

Living LaserFind A Way & Place on Earth
Living Laser destroys any over-hyped flavor-of-the-week band and puts on one of the best live shows of I’ve ever seen. No gimmicks. No nonsense. From start to finish these records will have you bedroom moshing and wanting jumping off of shit. Living Laser is one of the few current hardcore bands that actually matter and I strongly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already.

DividerAll Barren
Another great one from Divider. They’re louder, heavier, and better than your band. Support them and everything they do.

FornThe Departure of Consciousness
New doom band thats been turning a lot of heads. This one is definitely worth checking out.

NothingGuilty of Everything
I saw Nothing for the first time in the back of a record store in Philly and they were so unbelievably loud that at times it sounded like the PA was going to explode. This was a great follow-up to Downward Years to Come and I’m stoked to see what’ll come next from them.

Fucking InvincibleIt’ll Get Worse Before It Gets Better
Fast, angry, and heavy. Pretty much everything I look for in an album.

HomewreckerCircle of Death
So fucking heavy. Watching this band progress over the years has been really cool. Another solid release out of A389.

SeizuresThe Sanity Universal
Had the pleasure of playing with these guys at the Dial, I had never heard of them before but they quickly grabbed my attention. Great record, definitely check this one out.


ANDREW GOMEZ IV (Owner/operation of GKL, Where My Bones Rest Easy, BYLD, TFC)

Was never really sold on this band until this record came out. It reminds me a lot of early Starflyer59. Which is a leg up to selling me on it. Cause let’s face it. Christians are better at making showgaze and metalcore. Well, at least they use to…

DividerAll Barren
Waited for these dudes to produce this record about a year and a half after signing the deal. Well worth the wait. One of the most angry, sludgy, vicious records out there right now. Best answer to metal/post-metal since the demise of ISIS.

Seriously becoming more and more of a criminally underrated album and band. They have displayed on this record more on how to perfect the modern spin of “grunge” then most hacks doing the “90’s thing” right now.

David Lapham - Stray Bullets: Killers (comic series)
Kind of a revamp of the classic “Stray Bullets” series that started in the 90’s. This goes one step beyond with its Guy Ritchie/Tarantino brand of pulp writing. A lot of crude but entertaining dialog with a bunch of small stories leading into each other. All ending with a bang.

BraidNo Coast
So glad this band is back together and pick up on this LP where their last 4/5 song 12″ EP left off. Thought provoking, intelligently arranged pop indie-punk.

SCool Choices
Always been of Jenn Ghetto and Carissa’s Weird. She always brought the severe depths of despair to their sound and with her solo career material, it was no different. But this record shows real growth. Its reminds me A LOT of Tegan and Sara “Con” area indie pop. Upbeat, catchy but still sadder than ever and cathartic.

ShellacDude Incredible
Shellac can do no wrong, seriously. It sounds like all their previous work but somehow they have manage to keep that very unique “Shellac” sound interesting. Somethings are best left unknown. How does that saying go? Ah yes, “ignorance is bliss…”

Creative AdultPsychic Mess
One record I completely didn’t realized how much I listened to throughout the year. And not many people mention this one. Its a shame cause not only is the production amazing on it, but its arranged perfectly for this style.

PallbearerFoundations of Burden
An amazing follow up to their debut LP Extinction and Sorrow. Much more aggressive and yet still retaining that vintage 70’s warm tone overall. Love it!


ANTHONY MANELLA (Where My Bones Rest Easy, Burn Your Life Down)

MerchandiseAfter The End
It’s everything I’ve always enjoyed about 80’s/90’s Dream Pop with a modern twist on it. This band hasn’t really ever let me down.

FKA TwigsLP1
This girl’s Trip Hop game is strong. This album his a solid follow up to two pretty strong EP’s.

Again, this release is everything I’ve always been a fan of when it comes to 80’s/90’s Shoegaze & Dream Pop. Just played by punk kids so it has that heavier edge to it.

PallbearerFoundations Of Burden
This record comes at you full force from the first note. It’s still just as melancholic with it’s melodies as their first release, but with some great driving dynamics.

PAWSYouth Culture Forever
A solid second release from this Fuzzy Dreamy Punk band from Scotland. It’s very driving and very sincere all while maintaining great pop sensibility.

PharmakonBestial Burden
This record of Power Electronics is harsh and makes me anxious in the best ways. This second LP release from her is just as powerful as the first.

CloakroomLossed Over
This band is what I want in a band. They can do no wrong with their Dreamy Overdrive filled Space Rock style. The B-Side also has vocals done by Mr. Talbott of Hum, so that just sings to my 90’s worshipping heart.

The RentalsLost In Alphaville
I’ve been waiting for a solid follow up to Return Of… and this is definitely it. Dirty Synth Pop with all the hooks.

ReservoirCicurina Vol. 1
This EP is phenomenal. I love these 4 songs so much. It’s great Emo revival in the vain of The Appleseed Cast & Mineral.

As for comic that I’ve been enjoying, here are a few:

Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley
This was a solid read and a nice follow up to his Epic series Scott Pilgrim. If you like food mixed with young adults avoiding their problems and creating bigger ones this is right up your alley.

Sex Criminals Vol. 1 by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky is a great series about committing crimes through the act of slowing time with orgasms. If that doesn’t have you intrigued, god help your soul.
That’s really all I got. Hope you enjoy some of these.


JON SCHMITT (Mercy Ties, Where My Bones Rest Easy)

Thin Priveleges/t
If you love 31g bands you should check this out right away.

Said Goners/t
Adam Coreski is a briliant song writer and one of the sweetest dudes you will ever meet. (also his boysetsfire cover is chilling)

Emo-hardcore from Prague. One of my most listened to records of the year.

Human Handss/t
I don’t know too much about this band but holy hell this record is beautiful.

Big UpsEighteen Hours Of Static
Totally late finding this band but this record is perfect front to back.

Xiu XiuAngel Guts Red Classroom
Must I say anything about this record?

This Routine Is HellHowl
This band keeps killing it…

Life In Vacuum5
Best thing to come out of Canada this year!

Great ApesPlayland at the Beach
All the hooks all the emotion and all the storytelling you could ever need. Learn about San Francisco’s hidden and not so hidden history with this one.

Hard GirlsA Thousand Surfaces
Hard Girls continue to release flawless, catchy, hook filled songs!!


Pennsylvania’s own Reservoir will be hitting the Northeast Region of the US this winter with Seattle label mates Where My Bones Rest Easy. This comes as support for Reservoir’s newest effort Cicurina Vol. 1 EP, due on 1/6/15. Preorders for this record are now starting to ship. You may pick up the record here:

Here are the dates.

1/3/15 – York, PA @ Skid Row Garage
1/4/15 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ My Place Pizza
1/5/15 – Cambridge, MA @ Charlies Kitchen
1/6/15 – Portland, ME @ Local Sprouts Co-Op
1/7/15 – Providence, RI @ Psychic Readings
1/8/15 – North Haven, CT @ Up All Night Collective
1/9/15 – Flemington, NJ @ 90 Main
1/10/15 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
1/12/15 – Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space

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