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09/13/15 / Mercy Ties
Seattle @ Black Lodge
09/13/15 / The Helm
Seattle @ Black Lodge
09/17/15 / Mossbreaker
Los Angeles, CA @ The Regent
09/18/15 / Trenchfoot
Oneonta, NY @ Cop Frat
09/20/15 / Where My Bones Rest Easy
Seattle, WA @ Rendezvous
09/26/15 / Where My Bones Rest Easy
Seattle, WA @ Monkey Pub
09/27/15 / Trenchfoot
New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
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A little late, but better than never right? We are running a sale from now until the end of the month of August. 10% off everything but preorders. No code necessary. Just your money.


Mercy Ties have released the opening cut (“You Have The Right To Remain Violent”) from their upcoming debut LP entitled Proper Corruption, which you can stream below.

The cover of the new Mercy Ties record is a lie. It shows the solemn aftermath of the Mount St. Helens eruption, the placid, soot-strewn roads and abandoned vehicles. It does nothing to prepare you for the savage, incendiary assault of Proper Corruption.

Recorded with Scott Evans (Kowloon Walled City, Puig Destroyer, Thou) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Yob, Old Man Gloom) the punk fuckedness of the Seattle band’s debut EP, A Dim Lit Place, has been sharpened and grown more ugly. Now as a five-piece, they’ve channeled the venom of their live shows into these ten tracks.

In a little over 20 minutes the band uses d-beat, grindcore, sludge and vertigo-inducing mathrock to create something oppressive and relentless with only moments of relief, brief passages of unnerving quiet before another convulsion.

Featuring ex-members of Tigon, The Abominable Iron Sloth and Beau Navire, Mercy Ties is now operating at the height of their abilities, crafting music that effortlessly tears through genres to create something unique and venomous. So maybe the album cover isn’t a lie, but a warning of what to expect after Proper Corruption’s final note.

1. You Have The Right To Remain Violent
2. Analysis Of A Smile
3. Now Is The Time To Make New Enemies
4. Thinking Through Your Fingers
5. Fuck Your Male Sexual Entitlement
6. The Lowest Animal
7. Poetics Of Despair
8. Stifling Process
9. Life Is Worth Losing
10. Proper Corruption


We have now launched preorders for The Helm’s brand new LP entitled Symptoms Come To Light.

If there were one adjective that could be used to describe The Helm most accurately it would be enduring. Through numerous lineup changes, destruction of body parts, adult failures, dwindling physical and mental health, and unmatched stubbornness to simply turn their amps down, The Helm have managed to keep their friendship intact, and stay on the road in the process.

Formed more than a decade ago, The Helm have been pummeling listeners with their dissonant and chaotic blend of hardcore, drawing influence from the brightest luminaries of the 1990’s: His Hero is Gone, Bloodlet, Neurosis. They’ve showcased this intense aggression on a string of consistent releases: The Helm 7” (Hex Records) in 2005, Grim Harvest LP (Indecision Records) in 2006, and Home LP (Hex Records) in 2009.

With Symptoms Come to Light, The Helm nourishes the crusty hardcore sound of their previous releases with an influx of Hydra Head-inspired drone. Working with Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studio (YOB, Heiress, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth), the three-piece have honed their craft, sounding more intense than ever, but infusing a sense of melody into their songwriting. Then end result is a five-song, nineteen-minute affair that balances the intense hardcore and trudging drone seamlessly.

This is released under the band’s own label Bronze Dogs Recordings, an imprint of Glory Kid, ltd.

Track Listing
1. Vacant Lot
2. ~
3. Daymares (Symptoms Come To Light)
4. ~
5. Year Of Bad News

Music video for the track “Daymares (Symptoms Come To Light)

Preorder link:


Where My Bones Rest Easy hits the west coast July in support of their newest record Exercises In Futility, preorders are still up and will be shipped out starting this week!

7/18 – Seattle, WA @Rendevous
7/23 – Portland, OR @ The Know
7/24 – San Francisco, CA @ Honey Hive^
7/25 – Fresno, CA @ Cafe Infoshop^
7/26 – Orange County, CA @ Programme Skate Shop^
7/28 – Riverside, CA @Bloodorange Infoshop
7/29 – Tempe, AZ @Fiftyonewest
7/30 – Denver, CO @ Moon Room*
7/31 – Salt Lake City, UT @Diabolical Records*
08/1 – Boise, ID @High Note Cafe*
08/2 – Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge*

^ = Crisis Arm/Airs
* = Hemingway


Trenchfoot have revealed a new track off their upcoming LP entitled “At The Mercy Of Circumstance”. Their track “Buried” is being exclusively streamed courtesy of New Noise Magazine. You can stream it here (

Preorders for this amazing record is now up. This first pressing is out of 200 on Opaque Black vinyl. Very limited pressing. You can preorder the record here (


Mossbreaker is a group of four charming young boys from Los Angeles who churn out fuzz-heavy post-hardcore/space rock in the vein of Hum, late Jawbox and Failure. Now, we get it “oh cool, another throwback band” *jerk off motion*, but honestly, who fucking cares? Every band formed after 2000 takes influence from groups between 1975-1999, no matter what genre.

What Mossbreaker does is take a genre that lightly scratched the surface of radio waves in the mid-’90s and puts a youthful, modern punk spin on it. They crank out driving, bass-heavy songs with guitar tone that feels like it’s about to peel apart at any minute into a wall of noise, a constant drumming that’s so infectious you just have to move your head, and vocals that range from a soft coo to a sharp bite of angst with a mellow sing-song you would expect from a ’90s-influenced band. The lyrics make me want to know who hurt this guy. I wanna hold him…


This is the band’s follow up effort to their debut 7″ single, “Separation Anxiety b/w Two Way Mirror”, that was released in 2013. This release delivers five tracks of well executed, pop-driven post-hardcore. Taking heavy influence from their mentors such as Hum, Failure, Bluetip and others among the sort, Mossbreaker translates the very spirit of that sound for the modern age. Bringing the space rock phenomena that occurred in the ’90s back to the forefront of our consciousness, the effort is completely consuming and nostalgic. Mossbreaker resuscitates the feeling of a time where pop music and rock were in perfect marriage, and together the troupe is taking risks like none other before.

Originally this EP was self released digitally by the band. Now Glory Kid is proud to bring it to a proper physical release. Pressed on 100 colored cassettes, it comes with a full color j-card layout and a digital download card of the EP.

Preorder Mossbreaker’s “Transmission” EP Here

5/22/15 Riverside, CA @ Bloodorange Infoshop w/New Ruin, Sophie, Vril
5/30/15 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo w/Superheaven, Diamond Youth, Rozwell Kid

Mossbreaker on Facebook
Mossbreaker on Twitter
Mossbreaker on Bandcamp

The first single/music video “Stutter Step” for Where My Bones Rest Easy’s new record “Exercises In Futility” is now streaming courtesy of Ghettoblaster Magazine. Preorders are also available for digital and limited 12″ vinyl. There is also a limited color vinyl option as well as a preorder edition shirt. This 1st press edition is limited to under 300 pieces. 90 available on a Transparent Seafoam Green vinyl variant.

cover-GKR032 ST-WMBRE04_template_back ST-WMBRE04_template_front



The wait is soon over. Old Wounds – From Where We Came Is Where We’ll Rest 12″ LP Preorders are now available. This second press is out of 500 with three new color variants. Preorders start shipping the week of 5/4/15.

Opaque Orange, out of 100
Opaque Red, out of 150
Opaque Teal, out of 250

Order now and get a instant download of the LP after checkout.


It has begun! We launched our Spring Clean 2015 Sale! 20% selected GK releases, 15% off all distro titles and apparel. This sale is applied already existing mark downs. No code required, just shop and score some sweet deals!

New York’s own Divider has release a music video for the title track of their recently released Album All Barren. The band has just come back from a east coast tour with Hollow Earth. This video was directed by Tyler Peck.

All Barren was produced by Will Yip (Circa Survive, Blacklisted) and Vince Ratti (August Burns Red, Balance and Composure) and mastered by Bill Henderson (Enabler, Most Precious Blood).

Link to release:

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